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We all know the saying "a dog year is seven human years,". That's cute and all, but the truth is, it's quite inaccurate. We have adopted a more precise method of calculating a dog's human age and combined it with innovative AI technology, taking the guesswork out of caring for your furry friend. Knowing your dog's age unlocks insights into their specific needs, keeping them happy and healthy throughout their life!!


DogYears Features

Accurate Age Conversion

With a pet profile, we go beyond the simplistic '1 dog year = 7 human years' myth to provide more precise age estimates based on your dog's breed and age.

Data-Driven Care

Empower yourself to make well informed decisions regarding your dog's health by using our AI generated in-depth care recommendations.

Doggy Database

Uncover a wealth of information about different dog breeds in our comprehensive library. Learn about their individual personalities, preferences, and behaviors to find your perfect match.


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