How old is your dog inhumanyears?

We've created a scientifically-backed tool for determining your canine companion's age in a quick and simple manner.

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We all know the saying "a dog year is seven human years," but the truth is, this notion isn't entirely accurate and very likely originated simply to illustrate dogs' accelerated aging compared to humans. Today, researchers have developed a more precise method.
At DogYearsIO, we have adopted this method of calutating a dog's age and combined it with innovative AI technology to provide you with personalized health and wellness recommendations, taking the guesswork out of caring for your furry friend, allowing you to :

Gain a deeper connection with your dog

Knowing their true age allows you to tailor your care, training, and playtime to their specific needs.

Make well informed decisions

Understanding your dog's development stages empowers you to anticipate their behavior and provide the right level of stimulation.

Strengthen the bond you share

A happy, healthy dog is a cherished companion. We can help you ensure their golden years are truly golden!


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